Soccer Skills Clinics, Wednesday Nights, King Farm, Rockville Soccer

Posted Sun, Sep 3 by Vance from Rockville, MD in Teams and Groups / 1 reply

  • Soccer Skills Clinics, Wednesday Nights, King Farm, Rockville

    We offer soccer skills clinics on Wednesday nights at King Farm in Rockville, mostly geared to beginners and players who have not been playing for too long. Though we do vary the drills from session to session, we tend to focus on passing and trapping, the fundamentals that all players need to master to contribute to their teams. We also do some conditioning with the speed ladder and sprints and plyometrics and so on, making this useful even for more advanced players. Players under 18 may join as long as a parent or older sibling also joins. The fee is quite modest, only $5 per session. If interested, please contact
  • Vance replied Thu, Sep 28

    We still have some openings.
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