Competitive Women's Tournament Team Softball

Posted Mon, Jul 10 by eziralc from Bowie, MD in Teams and Groups / 8 replies

  • Looking for very skilled women to add to our tournament team asap. Preferably plays 1st base, but if you play other positions is good as well. Mainly play tournaments in MD, but may also be in DC and northern VA.
  • Yim replied Tue, Jul 11

    Hi. Can you tell me more about your tournament team? How much travelling outside of the DMV do you Do and how often are your games? I play 2nd, but can outfield and sometimes 3rd and short. I have games Thursday evening in Montgomery County and Sunday I'm PG.
  • eziralc replied Tue, Jul 11

    We are keeping this specific women's team in the dmv area, not sure where u specifically live, but we are trying to keep things close. So far there's 3-4 tournies scheduled for the women's. One on the 29th (big tourney), the rest are next month and September. We also have a men's, and a co-ed team which you can potentially play on as well. How's ur batting, speed, etc? We will be in bowie this Friday around 5, if you are able to meet and show us what u got? Let me know, thanks!!
  • eziralc replied Tue, Jul 11

    Also if you have other female players that may be interested, forward the info and let me know as well.
  • Yim replied Wed, Jul 12

    I play for a women's team on my Sunday league and most of us if not all are pretty competive. I don't have the right parts to play in the men's team so that wouldn't work. Can you tell me where in Bowie and time?
  • eziralc replied Wed, Jul 12

    No I didn't mean play for the men's team, I meant possibly coed if needed and was only letting u know we have other branches of teams. Allen's Pond in Bowie at 430-5 PM. How is ur batting, running speed, etc?
  • Yim replied Thu, Jul 13

    Gotcha. I would like to come out tomorrow but I'm not off until 6 p.m.
    Is there another day that your team meets? I couldn't judge my bat and speed. I feel like I'm slow but told that I'm not. I bat top 4 in both my teams' line up.
  • eziralc replied Thu, Jul 13

    We have double header games tomorrow at 630&730 maybe you can come around 8 or so and we can see u after our games instead of before? Where and when do you play in Montgomery? We're currently in Rockville for the day maybe we can just stop by and watch u play today instead if its not too far. My name is Clare btw, my phone number is (240) 346-2813. Let me know about tonight or tomorrow :)
  • Desiree replied Sat, Jul 15

    Hello Clare,

    I'm interested in playing if there are any openings left. I am a left-hand first basemen and I play outfield very well. I used to be very fast probably average now. Batting is average as well. I haven't played in awhile so I maybe a little rusty. Also is this a fast pitch or slow pitch league and how often is practice?
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