Competitive League / Tournament Softball Players Needed Softball

Posted Thu, Jan 4 by Kyle from Fairfax, VA in Teams and Groups / 9 replies

  • Players needed for competitive league & tournament play. Experience preferred. Speed is a plus. Infielders welcome!

    Men's League
    Sundays / Wednesdays

    CoEd League
    Thursdays / Saturday AM
    *experienced females needed!
  • Brian replied Mon, Jan 15

    When does this league start? I??m definitely interested in playing. For infield, I prefer 1st or 2nd. Wherever in the outfield. Where do y??all play?
  • Brian replied Mon, Mar 5

    Need a male?
  • Cody replied Tue, Mar 6

    I??m looking to play too. If you know any teams looking for someone let me know
  • Charles replied Sat, Mar 10

    my name is Charles I pitch 1st base and outfield please let me know if you're interested in wanting me to play number is 2404840538/ email
  • Ronnie replied Tue, Mar 13

    I'm definitely interested. Can play second, short, third and the outfield. Great speed!
  • Angela replied Mon, Mar 19

    Interested if you need tourny players... 2nd base and Catcher
  • Tara replied Tue, Mar 27

    Interested! I can play anywhere!
  • Paul replied Tue, Mar 27

    I can play short stop and out field ready to play now please let me know
  • Charles replied Fri, Mar 30

    Charles is quick and 6'9 pitch 1st base and outfield
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