Finding a team to play on Softball

Posted Sat, Mar 4 by Jack from Catonsville, MD in Players and Activity Partners / 1 reply

  • Jack is looking for a Softball game or team on Tue, Mar 4 at 1:30 PM

    I'm Jack, I am a current college student who use to play high school baseball. I have been playing slow pitch softball recreationally for 2 years and enjoy every bit of it. I would like to join a league in the Baltimore area or possibly D.C. area. If anyone has openings let me know.
  • Michelle replied Mon, Mar 20

    Good Morning Jack,

    My name is Michelle Brockington and I'm the coach of a coed softball team who is looking for players.

    We have been in existence since 2009, we are a close-knit and well organized team. We are classified under the E Division (not sure if that makes a difference) and we play USSSA, NSA & ASA sanctions. We play throughout Maryland and Virginia on weekends only. We are a self-sponsored team, which means each player pays a franchise fee of $150 for the year to help offset for the tournaments). We do approximately 8-9 tournaments per/year. At the end of the year, we will travel to either to the East Coast (Florida) or West Coast Worlds (Arizona) to compete for it all. We will go with the majority...

    If you are still interested, please give me a call.

    Michelle Brockington
    One Love Coach
    (202) 905-4442
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